Angel Numbers 222

Hello Lovers 

Happy Valentines Day to you!  Whether or not you celebrate this day, it is definitely a good time to think about all things love, romance and partnership.  

I don’t know if you noticed (I always do because I think in numbers) but this month of love is full of 2s:

February 2, 2022, 

February 20, 2022

and February 22, 2022 

We won’t see the 222 sequence again for another century, until 2/2/2222!

I was so happy to find out that the number 2 is one of the most significant angel numbers! This definitely resonates with me. Angels have been on my mind a lot and it’s not just the man-of-the-moment – that cute naked Cherub, Cupid.  Guardian Angels are assigned to each human being before birth. Some people have just one, while others have many depending on their soul’s mission and unique destiny in this incarnation. 

Our Guardian Angels know us very well. They understand our unique set of challenges and they want to help us navigate them. They also know our fears, goals, and dreams. They take a sacred oath to stay with us, advocate for us, and assist us throughout life. 

Angels love to leave signs for us to assure us of their presence. Whenever I receive such a sign, I say “thank you” out loud. They love to be acknowledged this way, and it encourages them to send more messages. Try it!

Another way I know my angels are close is through smells. It is usually a waft of a beautiful flowery fragrance that passes through my home/office with no other explanation that assures me I have company of the angelic kind. 

I know the names of my angels but if you have never connected with yours, here are some tips:

  1. Journal/Meditate with a clear intention about connecting with your angels 
  2. Ask for their name/s
  3. Ask for a special sign (feather, music, a unique smell) that will be unique to you
  4. Pay attention to little messages that turn up on your drive to work, in the lyrics of a song and see if those correspond with the qualities of one particular angel 
  5. Keep a dream journal next to your bed. Angels sometimes make an appearance in our dreams and can also come through telepathically during sleep to give us important messages. 

In addition to our Guardian Angels, there are a whole range of others on standby. Take Archangels, for example. Archangels are like generals, helping to oversee all other angels. There is one for every purpose and every problem. Archangels like Michael, Ariel, Uriel and Gabriel are the most popular and they love to be called on when we are facing big challenges. Do yourself a favor and read up on the special qualities of each of these powerful celestial beings. They are the big guns, just waiting for you to connect so that they can come to the rescue! 

I laughed the other day when my friend’s son asked her why the first words that angels in The Bible always say is “Be not afraid”. I guess they know us human beings too well. 

Relationships are a 2-way street. What we put in is what we get out. So invest some time in your relationship with your angels, my friends.

I wish you guidance, friendship, protection, and a sense that you are never alone.

Cara – Seeker of Magic, Spreader of Light

**P.S. If you have any special angel encounter stories to share with me, please reach out. I would love to hear all about it**

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  1. Thank you, my Angel❣️❣️❣️😘😘

    I so appreciate all your wisdom on angels❣️ My son, mom & I love learning about angels & numerology ❣️❣️🤗💜😊😇😇😇

    SO, my really cool Angel story goes like this. I was on a date with a cute guy from Community Hospital. I met him when I worked there about 32 years ago, crazy enough.

    He was sweet but during the date, I found out his ex girlfriend had cheated on him & sadly he found them in bed together. I knew right then & there that he would have a very hard time ever trusting another woman fully again.

    However, at the end of our date, he took me home & right as we were about to enjoy an end of date kiss, I felt this force pull me back, around my mid section!! I was unable to kiss him good night! I was so bummed but fully understood why! 😃

    I knew it was my Angel protecting me & the guy & I never tried to go out again.

    Shortly after attempting another date with a different guy, I realized that I needed to be with my hubby. I felt so wonderful whenever I was with Mark, I knew deep down that he was the One for me❣️❣️❣️ 💋💜💜💜💜😇😇😇

    Another moment that was so remarkable… before Mark & I became exclusive, I met him at the Unocal ( Lemos) station… he asked me what my name was & when I told him it was Jenn, he said that it was his favorite name. The next time I saw him, a couple days later, he was thumbing for a ride & I decided to pull over for him, against the training of my mom. 😂😂 I just knew he was good hearted. The weird thing was that his Mustang wouldn’t start & he had to open the gas station that day. I was the 1st car to come into his view & pull over❣️❣️❣️❣️😇😇😇😇😃 So cool, right???

    Ok, sorry this was so long but there were too many cool details I had to share❣️

    Love to you & hubby❣️❣️❣️😘🥰🤗

    Sent from my iPhone



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